Chambre et table d'hôtes
Castelnau de Montmiral
81140 - FRANCE
Liliane & Jos
we will enjoy ...more time for reading
...more time for traveling
...more time for walking
and more time for savouring our house and garden

There is a time for everything...

There is a time for everything...

We started our B & B twelve years ago. During this years we had the opportunity to meet so many nice people and we have plenty of beautiful memories of fine evenings spent together. We were happy to open our house for our guests who much appreciated their stay with us and especially the pool, Liliane's cooking, the "Pays des Bastides" with the beautiful villages, the many walks, the excellent Gaillac wines.

Meanwhile time goes on; this summer Jos has celebrated his seventieth birthday, and Liliane reaches the age for retirement. So we have decided to stop our B & B activity and spend more time walking, gardening, travelling, visiting our family in Belgium, reading,...

Perhaps we will meet again some day, somewhere. So long!

Liliane and Jos